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About me

Rebecca Caplan is a comedy writer living in Brooklyn, NY with all the other comedy writers. Previously, she has studied at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and is currently a staff writer for CollegeHumor. Rebecca was also the director and writer of the short film Show Off. If you like podcasts, which you definitely do, you can listen to her on Caught in The Web, where she is a frequent guest. If you read magazines, which you definitely do if you’re at the airport or dentist, you can find her contributions to the Shouts & Murmurs section of The New Yorker. She went to Ithaca College, oft referred to as the "Cornell" of upstate New York.

psst! Check out my new short film for The New Yorker starring Crazy Ex Girlfriend's Rachel Bloom! 

Capitalistic Endeavors


Brought on as an intern in 2014. Promoted to contributor in 2015 and then full staff in 2016. View my portfolio here.

The New Yorker

Contributor to the Shouts & Murmurs section of the website and magazine. View my portfolio here.


Freelance contributor. View my porfolio here.


Freelance contributor. View my porfolio here.

Comedy Central

Programming intern during the summer of 2015. Worked with the new media team to bring the channel to new platforms.

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Aaron Lipsett 

Heroes and Villains Entertainment 

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